James Turrell

“What is important to me is to create an experience of wordless thought” James Turrell…bow down!

Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

Tasmanian native, the cork oak is the perfect balance between foliage and trunk. Like the harmony and balance conveyed through a renaissance painting, this is the key art piece of these immersive gardens.


The best of Tasmanian winter is here, where all things pertaining to the shadows come out to shine on the longest, darkest days of the year.

Porn Show

Behind the lights, costumes and perfectly choreographed dance routines is a world of female comradery and companionship. The ladies (and gentleman) work tirelessly to perfect and perform at their best to give you a show you’ll never forget. The vibe backstage is energetic yet composed. Organiser and performer extraordianire, Memphis Mae has invited us backstage […]

6 Clean Ingredients

I’ve come back for more! More of Alice Gruzman’s awesomeness that is, and on this glorious day we tackled her space age looking thermomix that looks like it could solve all your problems… maybe even not food related if you asked really nice 😉 In between ooohing and ahhing at Estella who dare I say […]

Hamilton Island

The feeling of isolation can lead to numerous realisations whether they’re good or bad, Hamilton Island is a place for rediscovery and acceptance of ones self.

Naoshima/ Benesee House

What was once an old fishing village is now a cutting edge contemporary arts hub embracing the natural landscape alongside the locals who have called it home for centuries.

Hakone Yuryo ( Hot Spring)

With Mt Fuji as your backdrop, Hakone is to Tokyoites what The Hamptons is to New Yorkers.