Eastern Capital

The prefecture of Tokyo is an everchanging amalgamation of many ‘wards’, each none like the other. The seamless mix of old and new work effortlessly together in order to charge the electrical nature of this grand metropolis.

The Old City (Kyoto)

Home to kaiseki dining, shinto temples and Geishas, Kyoto is worth a peek.


A Shibuya institution for good reason.

Hanami Festival

Hanami means literally ‘to view flowers’. The Japanese have a culture that wholeheartedly embraces the welcoming of spring through immersing themselves in Sakura (cherry blossoms)

Fiordland National Park

Snow capped peaks, crystal clear deep lakes and pure isolation, Milford Sound is all about the journey.

New Zealand Lines

New Zealand is an adventure that makes you question your fitness levels. Your experience all depends on which route you choose to take.

South Island Bro

Welcome to Moordoor where the scenery is as everchanging as the weather.

Blue Mountains Trailblaze

The Blue Mountains was my home growing up. It’s exceptionally green, exceptionally lush and surprisingly close to Sydney.