Being in Japan in springtime is to embrace rebirth. It's all about life's natural pleasantries and appreciating new beginnings in the form of natural phenomenons and extraordinarily manicured gardens. Pink, fluffy, cherry blossom season is a fairy floss dream.

Japan is an overwhelming (in a good way) experience, personified perfectly during Hanami Festival for the literal ‘flower viewing’ festival of Sakura Trees.

This is an annual gathering of friends, family and lovers to embrace the fairy floss energy of the Sakura. Photo-shoots are rampant throughout the city, touching gently, posing underneath and even becoming one with the fluffy pom pom like flowering trees. In a city that is on the go 24/7 Hanami is a place where time comes to rest.

The Sakura is almost like Japans unofficial national emblem and to be seen is to really understand why this is their busiest time of year. The Japanese are such a delicate, kind and gentle people that it only seemed fitting that their flower of choice was Sakura.

Sakura are what like jacaranda trees are to Sydneysiders, they’re that ‘magical’ kind of tree that brightens your day. A colourful tree with soft tissue like petals that make you feel like a kid in a candy store.

The Imperial palace has drives lined with them also Gyoen National Park is pretty epic. The beauty of welcoming spring in Japan through this festival about food, love and appreciation is that you don’t have to seek it out, it’s all around. Yes there are spots with more trees than others but Tokyo is pretty much in abundance with Sakura wherever you look.

Happy Viewing!




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