The humidity is rising and the water is warm yet Hamilton Island does not disappoint. Be swept away in what feels like a cocktail all year round!

For me, travel usually means leaving this great big island, although sometimes a great escape can be right underneath your nose, in your own backyard. And when a friend of yours is getting married, the experience is all the better

 Destination weddings are one thing, but when they’re on an island like Hamilton, you can feel a real ownership to the place as due to the small size everyone is there for the same reason and there is a certain buzz of happiness and celebration in the air. 

The heat is oh so real up here and the water ain’t giving you any release but the natural beauty and feeling like you’re in a hilarious Del Boca Vista style retirement village cross with camilla kaftans everywhere can add for an interesting vibe.

  If you look past the resort/ tropical tourist side of Hamilton you’ll find intimate architecture that connects with a landscape that can only be described as dynamic. The native plants bursting with colour compliment the natural materials used on homes infused with sun location modern elements such as glass, glass and more glass…because who wouldn’t want to be looking at these clear waters all day!?

Golf buggies add to the fun element of this tropical hideaway yet the piece de resistance is The Hamilton Island Yacht Club. Drawing upon the marine landscape it offers 360 views of lush tropical views amid crystal blue seas. What looks at times like a bird about to set flight is a fresh mix of natural materials with a brutalist concrete edge. 

 This is the epicentre of the island and with good reason. the way the light hits and reflects off certain parts at different times of the days is impressive to say the least. Enjoy the visual essay of bliss. 



Clare Nakazawa

“Once you put that label on yourself as an artist, there is immediately a lot of pressure…both financially and because of other people’s opinions.”

South Island Bro

Welcome to Moordoor where the scenery is as everchanging as the weather.

Jacinta Carmichael-Parissi

“I’m the person who gets carried away with ideas, makes them happen but then goes…oh no what have I done!”