When you think of 'kit homes' or estates the words repetition, basic and generic come to mind. Lake Wanaka has shaken the idea of a kit home bringing clean lines, natural fibres and some serious design with a backdrop to boot.

New Year…New Zealand!

The land of the long white cloud has opened me with loving arms. I have long been fond of everything Kiwi; the all blacks, wine, cheese …Zambesi, but this trip I’m keen to seek out some natural hideaways and how the real natives live their lives and the abodes that they dwell in. I’m keen to find out about the natural materials and resources kiwis have access to when building. Does the cool climate make for everything to be awesome?

I have often thought that people in colder countries are more productive; England’s music scene, Scandinavia on education, New Zealand on fashion and now to add another bow to their string, architecture! We stumbled upon this development just out of Lake Wanaka when finding a place to have dinner and boy are we happy we took that wrong turn.

Surrounded by an immaculate backdrop, this estate or large section of homes was a nice surprise. Not to say that the architecture of NZ had thus far been uninspiring, just nice to stumble upon something which was obviously sympathetic to it’s surroundings in what it produced.

The use of natural fibres compliments the landscape with a design to suit. These homes would have hemp or sheep’s wool for insulation there so in tune with their surroundings. The clean lines and use of the mountains to guide gradients, these homes boast large and numerous glass panels to soak that view in, whatever the angle might be.

These are homes to create conversation.







Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

Tasmanian native, the cork oak is the perfect balance between foliage and trunk. Like the harmony and balance conveyed through a renaissance painting, this is the key art piece of these immersive gardens.

Kate Pascoe-Squires

“I love that we’re all kind of hustlers!”

APOP A Peace of Palestine

Portrait Exhibiton and all-female Panel.