In collaboration with Ballare Co, The Boweress produced an exhibition of portraits of Palestinian women in their traditional dress; The Thoub. Alongside hosting an all-female panel discussing what it means to be a woman living in diaspora. We aligned with UNWRA and their #dignityispriceless campaign to raise 20K towards a school in Gaza for the visually impaired. The event focussed on female storytelling, Visual Arts and Education, the 3 distinct pillars of The Boweress.

Comber Street Studios

We used a 3-venue set up in the chosen studio of Comber St in Paddington. It was important to have this exhibition in a non-traditionally Palestinian area to promote the stories to a wider audience. A collective power and ambience was achieved through having each room dedicated to a single aspect of the event. From the registration and donation area to the portraits and then moderation of panel, all were connected through each room having a theme.

The execution from an event perspective was simple and effective. A deliberate choice was made to simplify the execution and thus magnify the real stories. It was a cultural event in which we shared stories through a visual and audible format.


Through a combination of ticket sales, large private and public donations and the further kindness of guests at the opening we secured nearly half the amount needed by UNWRA in order to keep the school in Gaza operating. Over 200 people attended the opening with the gallery directors informing us that they had never seen the space so alive or full. Guests comprised of importantly the women featured in the exhibition and their families, the greater Palestinian and Muslim Sydney community, academics, local media, and supporters of The Boweress and Ballare Co network.

We partnered with floral designer E Squared flowers allowing the event through a floral installation to be tied together as a display of generosity, beauty and sharing.


The event was held during one of the deadliest times in the Arab Israeli conflict and in turn gave hope to those who needed it most. The event was a celebration of womanhood, cultural identity and progression through education and dialogue. Voices were heard and stories were shared in a afe and supportive environment.


Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

Tasmanian native, the cork oak is the perfect balance between foliage and trunk. Like the harmony and balance conveyed through a renaissance painting, this is the key art piece of these immersive gardens.

Kate Pascoe-Squires

“I love that we’re all kind of hustlers!”

Memphis Mae

“I always want women to walk away from my shows realising that bodies are funny, weird and wonderful!”