Still in the development stages, Sameview is creating an app that will revolutionise disability care coordination. We worked closely with its founder, Danny Hui to achieve a tone and aesthetic that was appropriate for the message and product he is attempting to put to market.


Sameview is a start up social enterprise that focusses on care coordination and enabling dissaibility support teams to work better together. Founded by the inspirational, Danny Hui and his family, the app has been designed to compliment individuals existing process for care. The app is looking to provide solutions to the individual user whilst provding broad spectrum integration with private allied health providers and eventually larger public health systems.

Care coordination is a very personal and intimate framework to work within. Part of our project is to retain a ‘view’ that can educate the greater community, both business and personal on the nature of care coordination. We inform on the complexities and guide stakeholders by creating a language to understand how they can contribute to the apps development.

Contribution can be made from the individual all the way through to the multinational. We work with strategist’s and agencies through to corporate innovation departments and government agencies

Sameview is currently in an early beta phase, with a basic trial platform available for interested users


Project Elements: 

Content strategy


Crowdfunding strategy & execution on Pozible platform

Campaign photography

Messaging & art direction of pitch video

Artwork for investor proposals & user participation

Content Forms and Channels: 


Social channels, Instagram and Facebook


Optus grant incubator winner, NSW

Pozible crowd funding target achieved

Assisted funding for app development

Government grant received

On-going marketing, strategy and design work for an innovative tech startup


Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

Tasmanian native, the cork oak is the perfect balance between foliage and trunk. Like the harmony and balance conveyed through a renaissance painting, this is the key art piece of these immersive gardens.


Disability care coordination app

Jacinta Carmichael-Parissi

“I’m the person who gets carried away with ideas, makes them happen but then goes…oh no what have I done!”