The Boweress is a multifaceted digital platform that celebrates maintaining a gender parity mindset, challenging stereotypes and bias and forging positive visibility of women in highlighting their achievements. We believe there is a symbiotic relationship between a connection to habitat and a sense of collaboration.

We are concerned with how habitat inherently connects us all. The Boweress was conceived from becoming increasingly interested in how our peers, particularly women create personal havens and female ecosystems for themselves in a busy and cluttered contemporary life.

The notion of the Boweress was born from Medieval England. The ‘Bower’, referred to an attractive room or apartment intended for the lady of the castle. The Bower was a private withdrawing room. Now we cant all have castles, but through design, light and space women have sought to define their contemporary bowery. In homes, public libraries, secret gardens or on the oceans edge. Women have discovered their own modern day Bowery; for reflection as much as creation, for collaboration as much as solitude. These spaces are representative of the modern day woman.

The Boweress seeks to frame the notion of a contemporary bowery within the context of powerful female ecosystem that strives forward through collaboration

We also produce thoughtful and genuine content and event production for select clients with a lasting effect through great design, message and connection to audience.