The Boweress is a digital platform profiling women, arts and culture through a female lens.

A site dedicated to profiling women, arts and culture and how a connection with habitat inherently connects us all. The Boweress was conceived from becoming increasingly interested in how our peers, particularly women create personal havens and female ecosystems for themselves. At The Boweress we are interested in using the power of our surroundings as a catalyst for transformation and progress. Spaces, places and interiors afford us the opportunity to flourish becoming different people in varying locations. Through travel, interaction and collaboration we are exposed to all the great accomplishments 21st century women are making, particularly in their desire for a room of one’s own.

Bower  –  noun

1. The origin and meaning of the word ‘Bower’ derives from the Middle English word ‘bour’ meaning dwelling. The bower was an attractive private withdrawing-room/ retreat intended for the lady of the medieval castle.